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Infowars Part of Bizarre ‘Black Mirror’ Trailer

Community Admin 21 Jan 3

Netflix sci-fi series “Black Mirror” released a trailer showcasing the upcoming fourth season of the twisted hit show, which includes a brief scene of Infowars show ‘War Room’.

The trailer depicted a bizarre sequence of scenes from both the show and real world events, during which a segment of ‘War Room’ with Owen Shroyer and Roger Stone flashed on the screen, as well as scenes of Sean Spicer at the White House podium and former Trump strategist Steve Bannon speaking at a conference.

Shroyer is shown asking Stone if he ever had lunch with Adolf Hitler.

It appears Infowars and the Trump movement have crept into the cultural zeitgeist of “Black Mirror.”

Happy New Year.

— Black Mirror (@blackmirror) December 29, 2017

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