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Spider-Man star Hannibal Buress sends lookalike to film's premiere

Community Admin 296 June 29, 2017

By Nesta McGregor Newsbeat entertainment reporter

It's the norm for superheroes to have an alias or alter ego but now it seems the support cast are getting in on the act.

Hannibal Buress who stars in the upcoming Spider-Man film sent a lookalike to the film's premiere in Los Angeles.

"L.A I need a lookalike with solid comedic timing for an event tonight. Pays $500," he wrote on Twitter.

The stand-in was so good, some people didn't realise he wasn't the real deal.

The man chosen was a guy called Joe Carroll.

Will the real Hannibal Buress please stand up?

Hannibal Buress and Joe Carroll

Image caption The real Hannibal Buress (left) and lookalike Joe Carroll, wrongly identified

As well as the $500 (£380) fee, Joe Carroll had a chance of rubbing shoulders with Hollywood's elite.

Comedian Hannibal Buress plays Coach Wilson in Spider-Man Homecoming alongside Tom Holland, Michael Keaton and Robert Downey Jr.

Not only did his imposter get through security checks but he also posed for pictures with fans and did interviews posing as Buress.

Hannibal Buress hasn't given a reason for why he couldn't make the premiere, but says sending a double was "extreme FOMO" which translates to Fear Of Missing Out.

Joe Carroll is interviewed during the event's live stream

Joe's a budding actor - and he even managed to fool the people looking after the official stream of the event.

Spider-Man Homecoming, due for release in July, is the first outing with British actor Tom Holland as Peter Parker.

Tom Holland

At some point during the night maybe his spidey sense was tingling because cast photos don't appear to have Hannibal Buress aka Joe Carroll in them.

Footage of Joe Carroll being interviewed has also been removed from the recorded live stream of the event.

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